So anyways, we’re going to TrotCon!

Trotcon Promo

Ponyville Oktoberfest is heading to TrotCon this July!

It’s about time that we visit our closest neighboring con (not counting Whinny City). So, if you’re going to TrotCon, make sure to swing by our Ponyville Ciderfest table at booth #53 in the Vendor Hall! We’ll have giveaways for everyone, plus if you’ve already registered for your #PVCF17 badge – or if you buy one there – we’ll be raffling off some incredible exclusive prizes! All you’ll have to do is stop by and show us your email receipt. Or, buy a badge from us there!

Trotcon Map

Plus, our Convention Chair Charlie Worthley and Guest Relations Director Michelle Worthley will be joining some of our convention organizing buddies for a panel! Perhaps you have some questions about how conventions are put together? Or you’re wondering about something related to Ponyville Oktoberfest? There won’t be a better time to ask whatever’s on your mind! Stay tuned to the TrotCon Panel Listing for the day/time and details.

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