Tickets for our Exclusive Special Events are now available!

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Pick up your tickets now before they sell out!

Just when you think our offerings for attendees can’t get any better, they do. Our lineup of guests and events is still our best ever for all badge holders, but check out the amazing events you can get tickets for to improve your weekend even further! Click the link for each one to learn more and buy tickets!

An Intimate Evening of Dramatic Readings, Playful Discussions, and other Chaotic Surprises with John de Lancie
Join John de Lancie for an Intimate Evening like you’ve never experienced before! $20 per person, limited quantity available!
This event is rated 18+. Under 18 only admitted with parent or guardian! Now also included with Alicorn, Celestial, and Equestria Sponsorships!

Peter New’s Voice Workshop
Learn acting and voice over basics directly from Peter New in this intimate 90 minute voice workshop with Peter New! $50/person, only 10 tickets available!

Thirsty Thursday Pub Trot
Ciderfest’s Thirsty Thursday Pub Trot is back for 2016! $15 per person, limited quantity available! Your ticket gets you an exclusive souvenir and badge ribbon ONLY available to ticket holders! Not-for-profit event.

Cider Appreciation Panel
Learn about and sample a wide variety of hard cider! $10 per person. Limited tickets available! 21+ only. Not-for-profit event.


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