Ciderfest Cosplay Contest

Mane Hall


Cosplay Contest

The winner of the Cosplay Contest Best in Show award will receive a complimentary ticket to the VIP Cocktail Hour OR a free Weekend Badge for either of our 2018 conventions!

Eyes light up and imaginations run wild when we see our favorite characters in the real world. Come celebrate exquisite craftspersonship and superior character acting with our annual cosplay contest, and be sure to cheer loudly for your favorite costumes!

Come see the finest costumes and outfits in the fandom! Hosted by Savvyshy from The Shake Ups in Ponyville and with guest judges Lochlan O’NeilKirin-Chan Cosplay, and Raevynn Madd Costumes, we will present talented cosplayers of all ages, types and skill levels as they show off their creations and hard work.

Pre-registration REQUIRED for entrants!

Please fill out the below form OR visit the charity table in the Apple Orchard to fill out an entry form by 2pm on Saturday!

Cosplay Contest Rules

This is a family friendly convention, hence costumes must maintain a PG-13 rating. Therefore no profanity, inappropriate gestures, nudity, etc will be permitted.

NO LIVE STEEL OR REAL WEAPONS PERMITTED.  Props with a firing mechanism must be disabled/not loaded. This includes water pistols, airsoft guns, Nerf guns, etc.

Nothing messy and/or dangerous on stage. This includes confetti, glitter, silly string, water, etc (I’m lookin’ at you, Pinkie Pie…). If it goes on with you, it comes off with you.

If your costume has previously won awards in other competitions, please refrain from entering it. We would like for this competition to be fair to all entries.

It is recommended that young children be accompanied by a parent/guardian.

Please be courteous to your fellow competitors. No bullying/name-calling/etc. will be permitted.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories:
Best in Show
Best likeness
Judges Choice

All judges’ decisions are final. Please don’t argue with the judges.

Community Guest Event

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