From everyone at #PVCF17, THANK YOU!

We couldn’t be prouder if we tried of what we accomplished at Ponyville Ciderfest 2017. It still feels a little unreal, to be honest.

Our team goes into every con with the intention of making it the best we can. Judging from your posts and tweets, we think we met our goal.

BUT, our staff is only one link in the chain. There are MANY people that helped make #PVCF17 a success and we’d like to thank some of them.

Thanks to Tabitha St. Germain for writing your script, for donating your dress to charity, and for generally being amazing. You truly are Rarity!

Thanks to Nicole Oliver for your BOUNDLESS energy, dedication, and kindness. Any con that has you as a Guest of Honor is lucky indeed!

Thanks to Andrew Francis and Britt McKillip for sharing your charm & talent and for being such an incredible royal couple!

Thanks to Bill Newton and Lexi Heule for being as awesome as you are! There’s a reason you’re both among our favorites.

And of course thanks to Josh Haber and Jay Fosgitt Art for sharing your talent and industry insight with us! We appreciate you both very much!

Thanks to our 16 Community Guests including SabersparkJHallerACRacebest, argodaemon, PaleoStenoLightning Bliss, ToonKriticY2K, Nazegoreng Artisan Crafts, Fiaura the Tank Girl, Fire Team HarmonyLochlan O’Neil, Chocolate Pony, TheBlackmanBronyKirin-chan Cosplay, Brony Brewer, and Alto & Pastel of Ponyville!

Thanks to musicians Forest Rain4EverfreeBronyThe Shake Ups In Ponyville and Luna Jax for making our concert this year one to remember!

Thank you to DJs Odyssey EurobeatStrachAttack, Kill Screen, VinylTastic, and DJ Rod for your epic sets! We never wanted the to end!

Thanks to all of the other panelists & performers, more than we can name, for providing more great content than our attendees could enjoy!

Thank you to all of the talented vendors and artists that filled our vendor hall with more than enough creations to make our wallets cry!

Additional thanks to Screw Loose and Shottsy Arts – Twisted Tails for helping to put together the sponsor hoodies at con. That was a HUGE help!

Thanks to the AMAZING generosity you showed at our charity auction for GAB Generations Against Bullying! The $20,000+ we raised will make a HUGE difference to them!

Extra special thanks to staff artists Sciggles, Salterino, Midnight Premiere, and Alienkitty Designs for all the art you provided for us this year!

Special thanks to the staff at the Hyatt Regency Milwaukee for taking such great care of us and our attendees! Your team continues to impress!

Special thanks to Hasbro StudiosDHX Studios, and My Little Pony for continuing to put out such a great show for us to band together around!

A round of applause please for our hardworking volunteer staff, who can be found on this page: You are all amazing!

Extra special thanks to Vivid Syntax, NoteWorthy and Pirate Dash for being the voices of Barley Tender and Caramel Malt on Twitter this year!

Extra special thanks to EverfreeArtist, Sciggles, Anna Chloe Moorey and Djsmell for making the slideshow video – sorry we forgot to play it!

An extra HUGE thanks to our hardworking chair and directors Charlie Worthley, Mr Cowboy Dave, ServerRat and Michelle Faber Worthley for your dedication!

Finally, the biggest thanks goes to our attendees and ESPECIALLY our 116 sponsors for enabling us to put on this great con for everyone!

Keep sharing your memories using #PVCF17! Once again, from all of us, THANK YOU EVERYONE! Hope to see you at Whinny City Pony Con on April 13-15!

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