Vincent Tong

Voice Actor -Flash Sentry, Garble the Dragon, others

After a 12 year career in theatre Vincent Tong ventured into the cartoon world staring as: Kai; Ninjago, Jestro; Nexo Knights, Flash Sentry; Equestria Girls,  Prince Blueblood, Garble the Dragon, Donut Joe; My Little Pony, Dan Zembroski; Packages From Planet X,  Ant Nekton; The Deep (Leo Award Nominee),  Irwin (Leo Award Nominee); Nerds & Monsters,  Muck; Bob The Builder, Junjie; Slugterra,  Matsuda; Death Note. He has recently worked with LA director legends Charlie Adler on Exchange Student Zero and Kris Zimmerman in Kong, King of The Apes and Dinotrux.

This year Vincent was on the big screen as Brax in Ratchet and Clank the movie and various food products in Sausage Party.

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