Tim Star

Panel Host

Tim Star, widely known as Starlight, is a singer, voice actor and podcaster in the “My Little Pony:  Friendship is Magic” fandom. Star graduated from Middle Tennessee State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communication. He is a founding host for the show “Elements of Harmony,” which got its start on Everfree Network and currently is on The Brony Show. Ever since getting into podcasting and voice over, Star has had appearances on Fillydelphia Radio’s “FillyCast,” 8bitX’s “Cyril’s Silly Show,” The Brony Show’s “Winchester Wednesdays” and Everfree Network’s “KPNY.” He has recorded vocal work with Brony musicians Cyril the Wolf, Tarby, Equestrian Lord and Reverbrony. As the self-proclaimed “official” Berry Punch of the “Friendship is Magic” fandom, Star keeps his interests varied by having a fine eye for craft beer, whiskey, gin and wine.

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