TheLight (previously known as TheLightLeavesThee) has been an Music Video editor for over 8 years.

He is the founder of the very popular channel “TheCollaboratory.” Light made last year’s Opening Ceremonies video, “Control,” and continues to be regarded as one of the fandom’s best “Dramatic PMV Artists.”

Note how “artist” was in quotes.

My Sessions

PONIES: The Anthology 6 – Daytime Edit

Mane Hall

Have a seat and have a laugh with the newest iteration of the fandom’s popular Ponies the Anthology series, specially edited for an all ages daytime screening! Anthology is the art of mashing up ponies with known (and unknown) pop culture references, music videos, and just general video editing silliness! Join us for a screening […]

Community Guest Event

TheCollaboratory Presents: The 2017 PMV Expo

Barley Room

Feel like you’re missing out on what the year’s best PMVs have to offer? Well look no further! This panel will be full of the best from the past year or so. Swing by, whether you entered or not!