Pinkie Derp Pie (2016)

Panel Host

I’m Nick/Pinkie Derp Pie. I’m from Northeast Illinois. I have known Danny and Color Code for many years. They, along with some of our other friends, started watching MLP in 2011. I started watching in curiosity and got hooked on the show in mere weeks. After learning of pony conventions, I had an amazing time at Ponyville Ciderfest in 2015. I attended Whinny City Pony Con in 2016 and caught the karaoke panel there. I’ve been a big fan of the music of MLP, but seeing people sing their favorite pony songs was more fun that I could imagine. I was so captivated by the magic of this panel I asked the host if he would be doing this again at pony cons in the area. Alas, he was moving south to do his karaoke fun there. It was at that time I toyed with the idea with Danny and Color Code what if we hosted a karaoke panel? Now, we get to co-ordinate everyone’s singing magic.

My Events

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