PaleoSteno is a YouTuber known for making vlogs on all sorts of subjects.

His videos cover cartoons, movies, video games and of course, ponies. He’s often worked together with Saberspark on projects such as The Brony Chronicles and co-hosts with him on podcasts. He has also been a recurring guest on ACRacebest’s Bronies Reacts series.

My Sessions

How to Youtube

Barley Room

Ever wanted to make a YouTube channel but don’t know where to start? Well, at this panel, hosts including Saberspark, PaleoSteno, JHaller and ACRacebest will help you in getting started. If you have questions about what it takes to make a successful YouTube channel, you should consider attending this panel.

Community Guest Event

Podcasting with Saberspark, ACRacebest and PaleoSteno

Mane Hall

This is a podcast panel about two podcasts merged into one for this convention. The semi-perfect podcast, which is hosted by Saberspark and ACRacebest, and the POS Podcast, which is hosted by Saberspark and PaleoSteno. All three hosts will delight you with their antics at this panel.

Community Guest Event