Kirin-chan Cosplay


Ever since she was just a kid, Kirin-chan has always loved dressing up, but considers her first “cosplay” to be Merle from Escaflowne that her and Raevynn Madd Costumes made in 2004. She has dressed up from various series and video games, but loves how colorful and fun the MLP characters are.

Her mane go-to character is Pinkie Pie, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the personas of other characters. Kirin-chan has competed in several contests and has won a few awards, including 2 Best in Shows, and now enjoys judging contests herself.

My Sessions

Ciderfest Cosplay Contest

Mane Hall

  The winner of the Cosplay Contest Best in Show award will receive a complimentary ticket to the VIP Cocktail Hour OR a free Weekend Badge for either of our 2018 conventions! Eyes light up and imaginations run wild when we see our favorite characters in the real world. Come celebrate exquisite craftspersonship and superior […]

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