Kirin-chan Cosplay (2016)


Kirin-chan has been a MLP lover her whole life, and her love for it got revitalized with the release of Friendship is Magic.

Kirin-chan is originally a Minnesota native that got whisked away to Wisconsin, now living near Milwaukee. For over 10 years now she’s been cosplaying and has dressed up from various series and video games. She even has a few awards to boot! When she’s not making a tornado of¬†cosplay in her craft room she spends her days at her day job making toys. Yup, for real. She even got to make officially licensed My Little Pony Toys! Her favorites that she designed are: 3D Ponyville Pop-up Book, My Little Pony Sketch Portfolio and Build a 3D Pony.

She jumped on the train in early 2011 and hasn’t looked back! About half of her cosplays are now MLP related, with a majority of them being different versions of Pinkie Pie. So keep an eye out for her this weekend in one of her many Pinkie Pie cosplays as well as everyone’s favorite fashion photographer: Photo Finish!

Now enough chit chat! Time is candy!

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