Fiaura The Tank Girl

Content Creator

Fiaura is from Alabama and Educated at the University of Delaware and Rutgers. She currently works as a content creator because “This Job is too much fun to give up!” Doing research on virtually any question that comes “For Science!”

On YouTube you will find she does a combination of Anime, Warhammer 40K, Video Games, and My Little Pony work both on science and just to have fun with her subscribers.
Originally introduced to My Little Pony by Babscon without having watched a single episode and playing a Con Mascot as a professional actor all weekend, a story you will have to talk to her to get the details. She now runs a series called, “Science the Flank” in which various questions from magic to age to Why does Pinkie Pie Exist are attempted to be answered.

Please do come and enjoy the science and hopefully come up with a question that stumps even her.

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