Come learn about brewing and cider making from BronyBrewer!

Hailing from the Philadelphia area, BronyBrewer has been homebrewing since 2006, and was a bonafide Brony by 2011. When not cooking up his next batch of potent potables, you can find BronyBrewer running Ponyfinder games, plotting the perfect ship for Secret Shipfic, or enjoying one of the many conventions around the country. Applejack is best horse, Sunset is best human, and his idea of a good time is a cold cider and hot pineapple pizza (don’t hate).

My Sessions

Better Bronies Through Brewing (21+)

Barley Room

It’s cider season! Join our panel as we discuss homebrewing basics and learn how easy it is to make your own cider, beer, wine, and soft drinks at home. See actual equipment used in the brewing process and learn how to start home brewing on a budget, as we discuss what you need to start […]

21+ Event Community Guest Event

Bad Mad Libs! (18+)

Barley Room

Granny Smith went to McDonald’s to help find Fluttershy’s missing T-Rex, because it was last seen eating lipstick. If this last sentence makes sense to you, you might be a veteran of Mad Libs. Help us fill in the blanks and find out what weird and zany hijinks your favorite cartoon characters are getting themselves […]

18+ Event Community Guest Event

Adventures In Everglow – Ponyfinder RPG

Tabletop Gaming

Join BronyBrewer on a one-shot adventure session in Everglow! If you don’t have any Ponyfinder or RPG experience, no problem! Show up, roll some dice, and have some fun. Appropriate for ages 13 and up.

Community Guest Event