Alto & Pastel of Ponyville

Artists and Writers

Alto Scribe & Pastel Bubblegum are a Brony couple with an obsession with colorful horses. With Alto’s writing skills and Pastel’s artistic talents, they have created over 100 original characters, and numerous works of art. They’ve become known for their humor, a massive MLP collection, and passion for helping Bronies express their creativity through art & writing. They may be borderline cringe-worthy, but they’ve just learned to accept it.

Alto is a writer, die-hard pop punk fan, and full-time meme machine. Aside from being a concept/story writer, Alto also specializes in coming up with unoriginal horse puns. You may also know Alto as “that Brony with the mustache.”

Pastel has worked for many years as a freelance artist, specializing in cartoon illustration, costume building, and figurine painting/sculpting.

Our Sessions

On the Trot (18+)

Barley Room

Based on Rooster Teeth’s popular YouTube game show, “On the Spot”! Come watch this unfiltered comedy competition, where 2 teams of some of your favorite Bronies (TBA) will test their skills in a battle of humor, memes, and pony knowledge. The goal is simple; the harder the audience laughs, the more points they earn. Attendees […]

18+ Event Community Guest Event

Wanna See My OC?

Caramel Room

Alto & Pastel of Ponyville are here to tell you everything about original characters! All artists, writers, and horse fans are invited to learn about character design, story writing, and how to create your own OC’s. Stay after the slideshow for questions, OC advice, and a FREE RAFFLE to win some pony merch!

Community Guest Event


Oak Room

Having trouble with the whole dating thing? Hear from real Brony couples about finding your special somepony, cringey dating stories, & how to overcome your awkwardness. Stick around for open Q&A, plus a FREE raffle for cool horse merch!

18+ Event Community Guest Event