Hey there! My name’s ACE (my actual initials be jealous).

Other than ponies, I love video games, especially the indie ones. I’m also a movie and music lover. Blade Runner is my favorite film and I partially like heavy metal music. How edgy right? Unfortunately I suffer from a condition called Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and any day I feel down, ponies make me smile and realize that life is not so bad. They also give me hope in my life whenever hope is sparse. I’ve ran a few panels at prior pony cons and I also run a YouTube channel (gaming related). It’s not nearly as viewed as some of the guest’s, but I’ve been running it for over 3 years now and have been doing weekly videos for 2 and a half years. I now do a video a month on a consistent basis. That’s all from me and I really look forward to seeing everyone at the con!

My Sessions

Pop Culture Allusions in MLP

Caramel Room

There’s got to be hundreds of pop culture references in MLP and this panel is dedicated the best ones. During the panel I will present my top 10 favorite MLP allusions to pop culture and explain the origins of them. To be clear, the allusions I’ll cover will only be from FIM and the recent […]


Joining the Fandom Stories

Oak Room

It is no secret that all of us come from many different walks of life and we wanted to make this panel exploring what led each of us to join the herd. Basically we’ll begin the panel by telling our own origin stories. After which we will open the floor for anyone willing tell us […]


Rotten Apples MLP Movie Review

Barley Room

The MLP Movie has been out for 2 weeks and I should think that we have all seen it at least 40 freaking times already. The idea behind this panel is to discuss our thoughts on and actually review the theatrical film together. First I will present my brief review of the movie. Next I […]