Academy of Narrative Arts

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The Academy of Narrative Arts is a Johns Hopkins University grad and researcher, published historian, +5 years of doing academic and art based panels at cons like AnimeExpo, Otakon, BronyCon, BABSCon, Everfree Northwest, Comic Con, AnimeUSA, JohnCon, Pacific PonyCon, Small Press, MLP-MSP, and other events. Previous panels have included West Point of the West: Military Education in America, 100 Years of Narrative Art: From Peter Pan to My Little Pony, The Great Literary Game, Con History, Con City Baltimore, Shamanism and Fandom, Visual Novels: The Unrecognized Narrative Art, and others.

I am currently about to publish a book on the history of fandoms and conventions (Con City, which was a Kickstarter Staff Pick), combining about a decade of research and data.


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