Nazegoreng, Lochlan O’Neil, Chocolate Pony, and Brony Brewer are our first Community Guests for #PVCF17!

Community Guest Wave 1 Announcement

Our lineup of #PVCF17 Community Guests is off to a great start!

Millions of people across the world enjoy “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. For most people, it’s led to new friendships, lessons on life, and stories to love with each new episode. Some fans have even been inspired to use their talents to create art and content that’s beloved by many.

At Ponyville Ciderfest this October, we’ll be celebrating some of the fandom’s most favorite creative minds as our Community Guests! Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be announcing some of these people. Our roster will include a range of fans that make beautiful art, produce informative videos about the show, and more.

Therefore, this week we’re focusing on people who use their creativity to make memorable creations in many different mediums. So, please welcome Lochlan O’Neil, Chocolate PonyBrony Brewer, and all the way from Australia Nazegoreng as our first four community guests for Ponyville Ciderfest 2017!

All four use their skills and talents to create crafts that ooh and aah their fans and friends alike. For example, some make pony-themed tarot sets or bring your favorite characters to life through well-crafted cosplay. Also, others make expertly crafted plushies of your show and original characters, or craft delicious brews. As a result, it seems like members of our lineup of creative guests can do it all! They are especially excited to share their knowledge with you across many panels and events that they will be hosting!

You can see them at Ponyville Ciderfest, October 20-22 in Milwaukee! Pre-register soon to get your weekend badge for only $50. Sponsor badges are still available and help support the convention! They range from the $150 Spike Sponsor badge to the $800 Celestial Sponsor badge. There are only two Celestial Sponsors left, so don’t delay!

We’ll be announcing MANY more guests over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Guest Bios


Hi there, Naz here. I’m a freelance plushie maker all the way from Australia. Making pony plush started me on my artistic journey, now I’ve been making plush full time for 5 years. I love making my creations as detailed as possible, be it a pony, dragon, griffin or any creature you can imagine. If you want to find me around the con, just look for the trail of rainbow minky fabric fluff, or the muddy hooves of my Ponysona Cobalt Tangle.

Lochlan O’Neil

Lochlan O’Neil is a professional actress, voice actress, and model hailing from Northern Colorado. She has been working in the entertainment industry for almost 6 years now and loves every bit of it. Aside from acting, Lochlan spends a majority of her time sewing and designing costumes. Lochlan’s talent with cosplay and ability to portray different characters has allowed her to travel to different conventions across the country running all kinds of panels and events. She has done everything from birthday parties to in-character panels to arm wrestling for charity in six inch heels, and is always up for trying something new.

Chocolate Pony

Called “the Renaissance man” by Tabitha St Germain, the artist Chocolate Pony and SouthParkTaoist is known in the pony fandom for creating numerous tarot decks and card games. These include “Horse Famous,” “Pony Racing,” “Wrath of Con” and “Changeling”. Chocolate Pony is known for his work in designing and running fan conventions and his academic panels on fandom culture and art history, as well as hosting fan podcasts including the Zootopia Minute, Wanders in the 4th Dimension, and the Tumblr PonCast. He just published a new book called “West Point of the West” this year.

Brony Brewer

Hailing from the Philadelphia area, BronyBrewer has been homebrewing since 2006, and was a bonafide Brony by 2011. When not cooking up his next batch of potent potables, you can find BronyBrewer running Ponyfinder games, plotting the perfect ship for Secret Shipfic, or enjoying one of the many conventions around the country. Applejack is best horse, Sunset is best human, and his idea of a good time is a cold cider and hot pineapple pizza (don’t hate).