Announcing our new Changeling Sponsor Badge!

Changeling Announcement

Our new Changeling Sponsor Badge is now available!

New problems require new solutions. For our fourth year, something incredible happened. We sold out of ALL of our Super Sparkle, Alicorn (even after adding more!), Celestial, and Equestria Sponsor badges. This presented us with a new problem. What if there are even more people that would want to be a sponsor? In a business like ours, leaving money on the table is simply a bad idea. More income is money that can be used to bring more guests and make the convention even better. We couldn’t just add more of the existing sponsorships for logistical reasons. For example, the ratio of attendees to our Guests of Honor at our Sponsor Dinner is important to us. We don’t want to dilute that event for everyone by adding more attendees. So, we’ve come up with a whole new solution.

Introducing the Changeling Sponsor Badge!

Named after the necessity to adapt to new situations, the Changeling Sponsor Badge is a tribute to our amazing attendees that are helping to make Ponyville Ciderfest 2017 the best yet! This new badge is very similar to the Super Sparkle Sponsor badge. But, instead of the Sponsor Dinner, it includes the ALL AGES VIP Cocktail Hour and the exclusive poster that Jay Fosgitt is making for us for only $25 more.

If you have a standard Weekend Badge, don’t forget that you can upgrade to the Spike or the new Changeling badge in Eventbrite. Or, if you are already a Super Sparkle Sponsor and are interested in swapping your badge for the new Changeling Sponsor badge, contact us and we will do that as an even exchange!

Thanks again to our amazing attendees for giving us this great problem to solve, and we’re excited to see who takes advantage of this new offering! Stay tuned over the next few weeks for our musician announcement, our schedule, and especially our next Guest of Honor announcement! No matter which one you decide to choose, register for your badge today!